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Jajanan Pasar (Indonesian Charcuterie Spread)

Take your snack spread to a whole new level with jajanan pasar (Indonesian charcuterie spread). A charcuterie board is more than assorted cheese and cured meat, and this one will be your new favorite! Get a crash course on homemade Indonesian snacks.
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  • Martabak manis (sweet pancakes). Martabak is one of the most famous street foods in Indonesia. It’s buttery, thick pillowy, decadent, and filled with grated cheese or chocolate sprinkles.
  • Lemper ayam. Steamed sticky rice cake flavored with coconut milk and filled with fragrant chicken floss.
  • Lemper bakar. Similar to lemper ayam; however, this version is grilled after they're done cooking in the steamer.
  • Pisang goreng (fried banana). A popular Southeast-Asian snack. Bananas are deep-fried till golden brown; crispy on the outside, sweet and caramelize inside.
  • Kue talam ubi. Classic Indonesian steamed sweet potato cake.
  • Bolu kukus (steamed cupcakes). Bolu kukus or steamed cupcakes – a quick way to make cupcakes when you don’t have an oven. These cupcakes, also known as kue mangkok, are perfect for breakfast or tea time with a side of coffee or tea. Note: I use regular sugar; hence, the color stays that way.
  • Kue lapis surabaya (spiku). A classic Indonesian layered cake with a buttery texture.
  • Ham, egg, & cheese pockets. Completely homemade Ham, Egg, & Cheese Pockets that are so easy to make! It’s a classic breakfast biscuit but enclosed so you can enjoy these homemade breakfast hot pockets on the go — no melted cheese dripping from your hands or shirt.